Shouldn’t it be easier to prepare for meetings?

Why you Should use Agendease

Activity Log

In the Activity Log, you can see a timeline of activities at a glance. The log includes information about the activity that occurred (such as an attachment was added),  the date and time that it occurred, the user who performed the action, and other helpful information.


Easily add attachments to items in an item’s ‘Attachments’ tab.  You can quickly view, edit, and delete attachments at any time. Attachments not in the order that you want them? Just drag and drop them in the order that you want.

Notification Options

Automatically notify board members, staff, and members of the public who are subscribed to receive updates on the agenda. You can customize who gets which notifications and when they are sent.


Section the packet into easily navigated sections and sub-sections with bookmarks.  Using bookmarks, you can create an outline of the agenda for viewers to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Cover Sheets

Agendease, not you, creates your item cover sheets in the look and format that you want them. View the draft cover sheet any time you want and make edits right in the draft!

Time-Saving Features

Automatic Agenda Creation

Agendease creates the agenda, not you. As items are entered by you and other users, they fall in to place resulting in an agenda just the way you want it.

Items Copying

Reduce typing by copying an item from one meeting to another – then edit it as you wish.

Automatic Bookmark Creation

Links are created automatically that allow viewers to jump to a specific page in the packet without needing to scroll to what they want to see.

Drag-drop Item Ordering

Place items in the order you want by simply dragging them and dropping them in the desired location.

Parking Items

Go ahead and create that item now even if you don’t know in which meeting it will be included yet. Build a pending item list and add them to meetings with the click of a button.

Full-featured Text Editor

Enter information for each item in a text editor similar to Microsoft™ Word™ and other popular word processing applications.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited boards
  • Unlimited meetings
  • HTML page creation
  • PDF document export
  • Meetings list on your site
  • Meeting locking
  • User Access Assignment
  • Custom notification groups
  • Item searching
  • Approval chains/workflow
  • Minutes creator
  • Video integration
  • Document upload
  • Social media integration
  • Item activity logs
  • More!

Begin making your meetings easier today!